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I live in South Lake Tahoe, and love to take pictures while doing the things I love. I am a snowboarder and mountainboarder, and find joy in hiking and climbing anywhere I can. Many of my photos come from hikes I've taken in and around Lake Tahoe.

I've had my own camera since I was 6 years old. As a child, I relished being in the darkroom with my mother, watching and helping as she developed and printed her black and white film. I took a photography class in 6th grade and was able to do some of my own photos in the darkroom. In my senior year of college I took a full semester-long class and enjoyed hanging out in the darkroom printing more photos. After moving to Tahoe, I found time to take another class at the local community college, and dream of finding the time and space to set up my own darkroom. In the meantime I've switched over to digital photography.

None of the photos displayed here have been cropped or "photoshopped" in any way. All represent the original framing, lighting, and color of the shot. I hope you enjoy browsing my "gallery" - feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of the photos.